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scuba diving dives open water mexico playa del carmen
  • First thing to do is find out about the weather. If the ocean should be flat on the mainland, great! Stay on the mainland, and since you have the time, let's adventure.
  • If it looks as though it should be rough, well then you need to try 7 day itinerary with bad weather on the mainland.
  • Rent a car and drive to Xcalak, only if you have sufficient sunlight and are sure that the ocean will be calm. The drive takes 5-6 hours from the Cancun airport. Head south through Felipe Carillo Puerto and take a left just after the town of Limones, follow the signs. (stay a night in Cancun or Playa del Carmen if you get in late).
  • There is a new highway that takes you to Xcalak, so turn right to go there, it is better than staying at Majahual.
  • Contact Aventuras Chinchorro or one of the other two dive shops and check out the next boat to the Chinchorro Banks. Make sure you take a big boat, the ride is about two hours and 30 miles out to open ocean, if you go in an uncovered lancha (Mexican fishing whaler) you may regret being born. It is cheaper but these boats rarely have a radio, only have one engine and do not fair so well in high swells.
  • To plan in advance, contact Aventuras Chinchorro 1-800-480-4505 from the US, tell them you heard about them on Cancun South for a good deal.
  • Stay at one of the nice houses attached to the dive shop for around $100 or try the small, rustic Hotel Caracol in town, $8
scuba diving dives open water mexico playa del carmen
  • Dive the breathtaking Chinchorro Banks. You will return around 5:30pm.
  • Eat dinner at one of the small homes that advertise fresh fish. You will enjoy one of the best fish dinners of your life.
  • If you fall in love with the place, Caribbean Real Estate has beachfront property for sale here.
scuba diving dives open water mexico playa del carmen
  • Dive the Chinchorro Banks again, or try one of the local reefs, there are usually tarpon and very interesting caves and holes. By the way, you can see Belize from a boat just off shore, the reef here is very alive and colorful.
  • Get more fish for dinner and get to sleep as soon as the power is shut off, it is rustic.
scuba diving dives open water mexico playa del carmen
  • Leave town early so you can arrive at the Tulum ruins to see them before dark.
  • After the ruins, visit Casa Cenote for lunch and return to Playa del Carmen. Contact Cyan Ha to arrange for great open water diving tomorrow.
  • For a culinary and educational treat, contact the Tankha Inn in advance to set up one of their famous Mayan dinners. A slide show about the modern Maya is followed by wonderful food in their 2nd story restaurant overlooking the ocean.
 scuba diving dives open water mexico playa del carmen
  • Pick up French pastries at Byblo's on Quinta Avenida
  • Dive in Playa del Carmen.
  • For open water reef diving, see if you can dive near Punta Maroma. This spot is a 25 minute boat trip North of Playa del Carmen but well worth it.
  • If you want something different, try a cenote cavern dive with Cyan Ha
  • Shower and go to dinner at La Casa del Agua Restaurant on Quinta Avenida for some fresh seafood.
scuba diving dives open water mexico playa del carmen
  • One more day to dive!
  • Revive with fresh juice and Mayan cuisine at Yaxche Maya Restaurant on 8th, a block off Quinta Avenida. Poc Chuc is tasty pork and all their chicken dishes are super. Try the massawal soup.
  • Spend your last night boozing the nitrogen out of your veins, try Captain Tutix or the Blue Parrot Hotel pirate bar.
scuba diving dives open water mexico playa del carmen
  • Have breakfast at 100% Natural or Byblo's and walk through town until you have to leave.

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