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Sun and Surf

Watch the sun and drink a lot (of water)

Avoid laying out on the beach in the noon day sun. The sun is strong here, and tourists who forget that walk around with painful red sunburns. They look like dorks, especially when they get only get burnt on one side. You can buy sunscreen anywhere, so use it.

The region is hot year round. Make an effort to drink more (purified, of course) water than normal or you could get dehydration sickness. It is better to drink water than sodas, because your body will get more benefit from it. If you feel dizzy, nauseous, weak or get a headache you could have heat stroke. Immediately sit in the shade and drink some water while you rest. If you get a slight headache, take that as a warning that you are getting dehydrated and drink more water.

Safety in the surf

Don't be a statistic. There are no lifeguards around here, so you need to watch out for yourself. Swim where other people swim, don't get smashed drunk and swim, watch for boats, and don't swim too far out. A little common sense will keep you alive for your vacation.

Also see the Biting Things page for more surf dangers.

The People's Guide to Mexico
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