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Bus Types

What are all the bus companies like?

For short distances, there are a handful of companies running frequent service which stop up and down the highway. Mayab and TRP are the major companies. This is not first class service. They stop all over. The great thing is they run so often you can generally just show up at a station or flag one down and get a ride. For example, buses run between Cancun and Playa del Carmen every 20 minutes. Bring small change because drivers can't change large bills.

For longer distances, there are several different levels of 1st class "non stop" service. If you are going far - Mexico City, San Cristobol, etc. - BUY THE MOST EXPENSIVE SERVICE AVAILABLE. Tickets on the better buses only cost $10-$20 more, but the difference in comfort is priceless. Although the bus stations are filled with smoke, most of the long distance buses are non smoking, or at least have a non smoking section. Tickets are cash only. As for punctuality, it is unpredictable. Get there on time, but bring a book in case you have to wait for the bus.

Here they are in order of comfort. If you know anything about the other services, or disagree with this ranking, please let CancunSouth know.

  1. Maya del Oro - the nicest Mercedes buses. Lots of leg room, TVs, infrequent stops, sodas on board. These fill up, so reserve early.
  2. Cristobol Colon - not much leg room. Some have TVs.
  3. Altos - even less leg room. No TVs. Stinky bathrooms. Stop at yucky places with no running water. Still better than 3rd class, though.
  4. ADO - the most common service. They go everywhere. Their upgraded service is called GL.

Some bus options recommended by one roaming bus traveling Cancun South visitor...

  • Riviera goes from Cancun City to Playa del Carmen to Tulum to Chetumal. Excellent service! Very comfortable and cheap.
  • SuperExpresso goes to Merida about 10 times a day. About N$188 and the service is good. They also go from Playa del Carmen to the Chichen Itza.
  • UNO service is fantastic. Like ADO, you can go from the USA border in Texas to the Yucatan. First class all the way! It's more expensive, but you gotta see it.

When you buy a ticket on a 1st class bus you can pick your seat in advance. Sit as far away from the bathroom as possible, they sometimes stink. Don't sit in the first row because you could get thrown through the window in a crash. If you are traveling on a weekend, buy your ticket at least two days in advance. Around holidays, go a week in advance or more.

What are all these VW vans doing?

The VW vans running up and down the coast and around town are called "combis". They are cheaper than buses and will stop anywhere. If you are standing on the road in the middle of nowhere (like Xpu Ha or Tankha) you can flag down a combi to get to the next major town. Be warned, they are generally packed. the drivers are very creative about where they put people so you will be smushed. Some towns without bus service rely on combis for transportation - Punta Allen is one.


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