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There are plenty of places to get Spanish language training South of Cancun. This list will keep growing along with the area.

  • El Estudiante in Playa del Carmen offers small classes for all levels at excellent prices.
  • Solexico is a good place for introductory Spanish lessons. They offer higher levels too, but are more expensive than the smaller schools in Playa del Carmen. The school is very pretty and well organized.

Nobody has a school teaching Mayan yet, but maybe someday they will. Many people from around here grew up speaking Mayan at home and learned Spanish once they went to school or work. I've seen this guide around written by Hilario Hiler, telephone 984 875 9066. He as lived with the Maya near Tulum for years and you can hire him to give an excellent slideshow about the modern Maya.

Mayan English and Spanish

Mayan English Spanish
dios botic thank you grácias
mix'bah you're welcome de nada
bixa'ka'bah what is your name? como te llamas?
in ka'bah my name is me llamo
ko'ox let's go vamanos
bix abel how are you? como estás?
bah ux how much cuanto cuesta?
in quatech you are my friend eres mi amigo

Mayan Pronunciation

A AH as in calm
E EH as in effort
I EE as in keen
O OH as in open
OO OOH hold O longer
U OO as in moon
X SH as in bush
'   make a sudden stop between sounds

free Spanish lessons


Maya for Travelers and Students : A Guide to Language and Culture in Yucatan Basic language instruction and vocabulary


Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish This book may be old, but it is the best for adults looking to learn Spanish quickly. Cool illustrations by Andy Warhol are a bonus, but the best part of the book is focus on learning the past tense and quick vocabulary lists of Spanish words which are similar to English words.

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