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The Yucatan peninsula was originally under the ocean and the region's limestone foundation is fossilized coral beds and ocean floor. There are no above ground rivers in this area, all of the ground water sinks through the porous limestone and travels to the sea in underground rivers. Parts of the limestone weakened over time and collapsed, leaving sinkholes filled with water - a cenote.

During the ice ages, portions of the underground rivers dried up and water dripping through the limestone left mineral deposits in beautiful formations. Decorations - stalactites and stalagmites - formed in the caves and caverns, and were covered with water when the rivers began flowing once again. Specially trained cave divers enter these cave systems through the cenote entrances.

Cavern tours - open water divers

Open water divers can go in groups of 4 with a certified cavern guide. Divers wear their normal open water gear, but unlike cave divers, cavern divers always stay within sight of natural daylight. There are cavern certification courses, and unless you take one you should not dive in any cavern without a qualified guide.

On a cavern tour, diving in the calm crystal clear water makes it feel like you are flying through the air. The water is either fresh or mixed with salt water, depending on how close you are to the ocean. Almost any dive shop in the area will take you on a cavern tour in a cenote.

Aquaworld offers the opportunity to explore one of the largest underground cavern systems. Aquaworld’s expert guides will lead the way to ensure you have a safe and unforgettable experiences in the famous Chac-Mool cavern. Transportation is provided from Cancun or from your Riviera Maya hotel.

Don't go without a guide

If you are a certified open water diver, you can dive in a cenote cavern with a qualified guide. Most area dive shops, including Cyan Ha will take you diving in a cenote if you are certified for open water diving.

Anyone can snorkel in a cenote, but you should never dive in a cenote, cavern or cave unless you are certified to do so or have a certified guide with you.

People die from scuba diving in caverns and caves without training. See the National Association for Cave Diving or the cave diving page for more information.

You can see the inside of some caves without getting wet. Just South of Akumal is Aktun Chen, a dry cave you can tour. There is a sign for the cave on the right, and a large sign on the left for DIF, a government run camp.

Take care of your ears after swimming so you don't get sick


In the Yucatan
A novel of social justice set in Central Yucatan

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